“The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” -Scott Hamilton

"The only disability in life is a bad attitude." - Scott Hamilton

Monday, November 22, 2010

Easy Weekend

This weekend we took it easy...kind of anyway. We worked on the bathroom and tried to get as much done in there as possible. Chris had to make a few trips to Lowes but it's coming along nicely.

Raymond's goals this weekend were to find new hiding places...

Read the Sunday paper...
And try desperately to pet Chloe...

Isabella loves to have tea parties. She asked Daddy to dress up with her (Mommy too) in preparation. While she and Daddy got the "table" ready, I ran into the kitchen and quick made some cookies to surprise her. She was thrilled we had real cookies at her party.

She even made place cards and had Daddy write our names on them. What a hostess!
Don't forget me! I want to come to the tea party too!

Take a good look at this picture. Do you notice anything...we'll say...out of place? Raymond has discovered that if he pulls his nasal cannula just enough that it will rest on his nose instead of inside it. What a sneaky boy!

I also brushed Sadie's teeth Sunday night. Isabella thinks it's really funny when I do that. Probably because I lift up her jowls to expose her teeth and say things like, "I'm a big tough doggie! Grrr!" in a funny voice. Sadie sits there and puts up with us even when we get a laugh at her expense. She's patient.

Also, I just wanted to share something funny with you. Chris showed Isabella a picture of himself when he was about 10 or so. She looked at it for a second then asked, "Why are you wearing glasses?" In the background of the picture was Ray, Chris' dad. She thought he was Chris! When your very own daughter mistakes you for your father, that's when you know there is a strong family resemblance! Chris and I both got a good laugh out of that.

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Ellie said...

Chris is Ray's image, not only in looks (handsome) but also in temperament, patience, and humor. He even walks and runs like him. Loved the photos of Raymond and also the tea party. Love, Ellie